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After getting some good response to a satirical Michigan piece I posted in the old newsgroups mi.misc and alt.great-lakes, I decided to make them available on the web. Most of this stuff gets recycled over and over via e-mail, so it's not my original work; I'm just not that funny. Maybe I modify, maybe I enhance, maybe I don't. I hope you enjoy these.

Please send along anything new that I can add to the site, either specific jokes, or links to other Michigan humor sites. The only requirements are that your submission is about Michigan, and that it's funny. Rehashed ethnic jokes about UofM and MSU won't cut it. To submit a joke, send a message to me at .



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If you happen to be the original author of anything I've posted here, let me know and I will definitely give you credit. Likewise, if you want something removed and can prove it's your own material, let me know and it will be removed. I'm not making any money here and I don't plan on breaking any laws.


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