Bright-eyed Loreley

This is the youngest member of the family, Loreley. She's such a cutie. Just look at those blue eyes in the picture below when she was a kitten. I just wish they had stayed that blue. Now they're more of a greenish-yellow. But that's OK, she's just as cute. The picture to the left was taken in January '98, when she was about 7 months old. The others were taken shortly after she arrived here, in August of '97. She was about 6 weeks old. Her Birthday is June 27th, 1997. Don't forget to send her a card next year! She's all black. When she arrived she had lots of individual white hairs sticking up all over her wee-little body. Those are all gone now. Not a white hair on her.

It's such fun having a kitten in the house. They are pure innocence, energy and playfulness. As my mother would say, "She's full of ginger!" Of course, she didn't stay a kitten for long. But that's OK, too.

My Sweetie Pie Loreley came to live with me because a friend of a friend found a pregnant stray cat and adopted her but couldn't keep all the kittens. Loreley needed a home and I had the room, so I invited her in. It was definitely a good choice.

Loreley has become a little lap cat. When she decides to take a nap, as often as not it's in my lap, or even just perched on my knee. She'll hop up and begin to purr like an airplane engine, then wrap her beautifully long tail around herself as she nods off to sleep. The name Loreley is German and refers to a cliff on the middle Rhine. It's also a song by Styx called Lorelei. I perefer the German spelling.

Loreley the kitten

Unfortunately, Melyanna doesn't care for Loreley at all. Melyanna finally accepted that Loreley is here to stay, but she's still not thrilled about it. When Loreley first arrived, Melyanna was nothing less than hostile. Hissing, spitting, even an occasional claw. Now it's just an occasional growl or hiss when Loreley is a little too active. Melyanna and Loreley have started to play together, if you can call it play. They wait for each other behind a door or around a corner, and then pounce when the other walks by. It's not really playing, but it's not fighting either.

Loreley is also a very shy and skittish cat. She's easily startled by any sudden noise or movement. She jumps when I just walk by some times. You might say she's scared of her own shadow. But it doesn't stop her from being curious, and playing with her toys, or wanting to be in my lap when I'm at the computer. And of course she loves to curl up beside me at night when I go to bed.

Loreley as a kitten.
A quiet Loreley Loreley in the jungle Loreley and Singollo on the perch



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