Saranac High School - Class of 1981
20th Reunion

On July 21, 2001, the Class of 1981 held our 20th reunion. It took place at the Cannonsburg Ski Lodge. Below are some pictures courtesy of Cherie Hagen. If you click on a thumbnail picture, a new window will open up with a larger view. Enjoy!

For those of you not familiar with Saranac, No, it's not in New York. That's Saranac Lake. This is Saranac, Michigan, somewhere between Grand Rapids and Lansing. "The friendly little village on the Grand River." The Class of 1981 had an enormous number of graduates: 80.

Angie Laura Sandy Margie.jpg
Angie, Laura, Sandi, and Margie
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Bob Judy Melissa.jpg
Bob and Judy, Melissa and Sid
34.47 KB
Brien Mark.jpg
Brien and Mark
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Carolyn Ryan Brien Beth.jpg
Carolyn and Ryan, Brien and Beth
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Kathy Cary Sherry McKinch.jpg
Kathy (Cary) Shafer and Sherry (McKinch) Kroft
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Cindy Jimmy Sheila Sandy Ann.jpg
Cindy and Jimmy, Sheila, Sandi, and Ann
29.20 KB
Dan and Sarah.jpg
Sarah and Dan
42.73 KB
Tucker, Kathy, and Tim
31.61 KB
Danielle and Mark.jpg
Danielle and Mark Haskins
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Darcey Brian.jpg
Brian and Darcey (Chickering) O'Hara
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Diane and Ann.jpg
Diane and Ann
33.31 KB
Duane Whittamore Tim Krieger.jpg
Duane Whittamore and Tim Krieger
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Farley McCaul Linda.jpg
Linda and Farley McKaul
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Geoff Doty Kristen.jpg
Geoff and Kristen Doty
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Jeff Pam.jpg
Pam and Jeff Goss
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Jerry Bruce Roxanne.jpg
Jerry, Bruce and Roxanne
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Jerry Dan Jim Tucker.jpg
Jerry, Dan, Jim, and Tucker
30.21 KB
Jerry Kaufman Connie.jpg
Jerry and Connie Kaufman
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Jim and Mark.jpg
Jim and Mark
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Jim Austin Shawn.jpg
Jim and Shawn Austin
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Kathy Ron.jpg
Kathy and Ron dancing the night away
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Keith Darby.jpg
Keith Darby playing the tunes
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Keith John.jpg
Keith waiting for John to decide on a song
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Layles daughter Mark Sheila Layle Angie.jpg
Layle's daughter, Mark, Sheila, Layle, and Angie
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Lynne Terry.jpg
Lynne (Miller) and Terry Vollink
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Margie Jimmy Cindy.jpg
Margie, Jimmy and Cindy
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Marianna and Dale.jpg
Marianna Lewis and Dale (Pitchford) Brock
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Mingling in front of the map
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The Outdoor crowd #1
36.19 KB
The Outdoor crowd #2
26.12 KB
The Outdoor crowd #3
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Polly and Jerry.jpg
Polly (Grieves) and Jerry Darby
26.52 KB
Prizes for everyone!
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Rick and Lori.jpg
Rick and Lori (Boike) Borup
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Rob Kim and Rick.jpg
Kim and Rob Wolbers, and Rick
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Roxanne Bruce.jpg
Bruce and Roxanne (Wright) Johnson
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Sandy Lora.jpg
Erik and Sandi (Keskey) Wasmund, and Lora (Depotty) and Kurt Thiem
30.21 KB
Scott Diane Jimmy.jpg
Scott and Diane (Hubbard) Boeskool, and Jimmy Pittman
31.16 KB
Sheila and Angie.jpg
Sheila (Patrick) McCarrey and Angie Cook
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Sue Bobby Judy.jpg
Sue (Warner) Kingsley, and Bobby and Judy (White) Hardy
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Tami Carrie Melinda.jpg
Tami, Carrie, Melinda
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Todd Donna.jpg
Todd and Donna (Chase) Haller
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Tom and Tom.jpg
Tom and Tom
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Tom Hardy.jpg
Tom Hardy
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Tom Ron Kathy.jpg
Tom, Ron and Kathy
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Tucker Mylena Angie.jpg
Tucker McPherson, Mylena (Merklinger) Roe, Angie Sweet
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The Planning Committee: Melinda, Judy, Cherie, Polly, Lori, and Donna
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"Smile for the camera!"
41.38 KB
"OK, one more big smile!"
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"Wait! I need just one more!"
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If you want the big picture of who all attended, click on the thumbnail to the left. It's 1024 x 768 pixels and 421KB, so it may take a while to download.